Counselling Competence

Accreditation and Registration

This is one way of demonstrating a counsellor’s level of competence and an effective way of showing provision of an excellent and safe standard of care.

As an accredited member of several national bodies, I work within the BACP Ethical Framework of good practice in counselling and psychotherapy. This includes regular professional development and ongoing supervision.

Honorary Awards

My integrity, and ways of working, particularly with neurodiversity, has been recognised nationally, in the form of being awarded 3 Fellowships from Britain’s major counselling organisations:

FBACP Fellow, British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy

FNCPS Fellow, National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society

FNCIP Fellow, National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists

Membership of Counselling Bodies

Accredited and Member of BACP

Senior practitioner, British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Accredited & member of MNCIP

National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists

Accredited & member of MNCPS

National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society

Other Organisational Memberships Include:
  • WAC Westcountry Association of Counsellors
  • EDMS Exeter & District Mencap Society
  • FSB Federation of Small Business
  • FACT Falsely Accused Carers and Teachers
  • NT Life member, National Trust
  • DCAA Life Vice President, Devon County Agricultural Association, the organisation responsible for hosting Devon County Show.


Along with experience and accreditation, qualifications are another way of demonstrating a level of competence etc.

Roger says:

"However, the importance of these is not the numerous certificates with which I could decorate a wall, but the fact that they represent a small part of the knowledge that is in my head and heart to be used inspirationally, empathically, intuitively, and with integrity."

My Professional Qualifications started in 1998 & include:

  • Adv. Dip. Counselling & Groupwork Skills - 1998, RSA Level 5
  • Adv. Dip. In Person Centred Counselling - 1999; Level 6
  • Post graduate Certificate in Counselling Supervision - 2001; KRCS Level 7
  • Adv. Dip. In Counselling Supervision (updated) - 2014, KRCS: NCS Level 7

I also hold numerous Diplomas & Certificates, including:

  • Dip. In the Science of NLP
  • Dip. Young Peoples Counselling
  • Dip. Pastoral Supervisor - ACC
  • Dip. Sandplay Therapy
  • Dip. Creative CBT
  • Cert. Life Coaching
  • Cert. Neurodiversity
  • Cert. Couple Counselling
  • Cert. Teaching ABRSM - Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
A selection of bolt-on training, includes:

TFT - 1999 Thought Field Therapy, Bryan Lowe, Mstr Prctnr NLP,

DPYK - Drug Proof Your Kids programme with Care for the Family

TIR - Traumatic Incident reduction; Gerald French (USA0

CTA - Clinical Theology Association: (Adv. 3yr course)

LI - Lifespan Integration: Peggy Pace

GT - Gentle Teaching: Dan Hobbs (USA)

Emotional Logic - Dr Trevor Griffith

Trauma - Dr Janina Fisher et al

CBT - Christine Padesky

I hold an Enhanced DBS certificate.

Articles, Editorial and Publications

The Power of Acceptance

Thresholds BACP 2011; winter 8-10

Past struggles with dyslexia have heightened Roger Helyar’s capacity to empathise with others: a capacity he has found invaluable in many counselling situations.

“I realised I could identify with people who didn’t fit the norm and could also recognise the impact on peoples’ lives of ill-conceived ideas and inflexible structures, both in education, religion and society”.

How I Became A Therapist

BACP Therapy Today 2015; 26(6): 29

Roger’s journey from academic failure to a qualified, experienced, and accredited counsellor, supervisor, life-coach, trainer, and mentor.

The Power of Empathy

BACP 2015 Thresholds winter

Roger explains what it is like to be a counsellor who is dyslexic: "I’ve been told that I think and work outside the box… (for me) that doesn’t mean working in a stupid, heroic, self-ambitious way, but from a very firm ethical basis… Supervision is key to maintaining an ethical practice: no collusion, but trust - empathy - in knowing each other’s roles, keeps my clients safe, keeps me working ethically and keeps the profession’s reputation intact..."

Time To Tell - David Fulton

Rockhaven trauma client David tells his story in ...

‘Time to Tell’ is an extraordinary and moving account of one man’s survival against insanity - his own, and that of his captors.

This story is not for the fainthearted but is so worth reading.

As he takes you on a journey of his captivity, interspersed with moments from his ‘normal’ life, Dave shows us the power of faith, forgiveness, and love.

‘Time to Tell - author David Fulton

Published by Rockhaven Books, Exeter 2014

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